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  • Uonuma koshihikari

    Uonuma koshihikari
    This product is Koshihikari produced in Niigata Prefecture. It has a strong flavor, stickiness and a soft texture.
  • Toyama Koshihikari Japanese Rice

    TToyama Koshihikari
    Toyama Prefecture is believed to represent the home of exquisite and well-conserved waters in Japan. The snowmelt flowing down from the Northern Alps is high-quality and low-temperature, containing plenty of minerals. Delicious water is an indispensable part of making delicious rice. Toyama Koshihikari is very popular in Japan for its excellent sweetness, stickiness and fragrance.
  • Akitakomachi

    Akitakomachi is produced in Akita Prefecture. It is very sticky, sweet and delicious.

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  • Japanese Selected Rice

    Japanese Selected Rice
    FU LIN MEN Japanese Selected Rice is imported premium rice produced in Japan. It is developed by Kitoku-Shiryo Co., Ltd.
    together with China’s largest cereals, oils and foodstuffs corporation “COFCO” in response to the “Belt and Road Initiative”.
    This product is produced in Hokkaido, Japan under excellent natural conditions.
    Irrigation with high-quality natural snowmelt and cultivation in fertile soil make FU LIN MEN Japanese Selected Rice soft, glutinous and sweet, thus giving a soft, smooth and chewy taste.
  • Yumepirika

    Hokkaido Yumepirika
    It is a new variety in the rice production of Hokkaido. The taste is still good even when the rice gets cold. Now the rice is very popular in Tokyo. As a rice brand with premium quality, it is often given as a gift.
    The sweetness and softness of the rice are well-balanced, and it is well-received as a flagship brand of Hokkaido rice.

    There are also other Japanese rice varieties with a wide range of selection!


  • Yamagata Haenuki

    Yamagata Haenuki
    Yamagata Haenuki is suitable for growing at a plain area like in Yamagata Prefecture, which makes it the local rice variety originating from Yamagata Prefecture. Only a few years after the landing of the variety, it accounted for 60% of the rice planting in Yamagata Prefecture. It has attracted much attention for its better taste over Koshihikari and its excellent resistance to cold and heat during its cultivation period.

    There are also other Japanese rice varieties with a wide range of selection!


  • Niigata Koshihikari Japanese Rice

    Niigata Koshihikari Japanese Rice
    Niigata Prefecture mostly produces Koshihikari rice and boasts top in the production volume in Japan. It has well-balanced ingredients, excellent stickiness, gloss, fragrance and resilience, and it tastes delicious even cooled. The value of texture is stronger than that of other varieties. The word Koshihikari is a combination of "koshi no kuni" representing Hokuriku regions and "hikari" representing light or shine. It was named with a hope that the rice will shine in Hokuriku regions.
  • Toyama koshihikari instant rice

    Toyama koshihikari instant rice
    This product uses Koshihikari rice grown in the rich nature of Toyama Prefecture. It is cooked fluffy with natural water from the Northern Alps, selected as one of 100 Exquisite and Well-conserved Waters (meisui) by the Ministry of the Environment in Japan. Cooked in the latest facilities with great care under the complete hygiene management, the rice becomes light and fluffy. Please enjoy the original fragrance and flavor of freshly cooked rice containing no acidic ingredients.

※ Some countries and territories do not allow rice to be brought in from overseas, or they may require an export inspection be performed at a plant quarantine station. Please check the export conditions table provided below (English).