What is Sake?

What is Sake?

What is it about Sake that has attracted the world's gourmets’ attention to become increasingly popular year by year?

We could say Sake made from rice and rice koji* is representative of Japan’s unique culture. There are various types of Sake created with exquisite technique throughout Japan by breweries called kuramoto and each Sake is distributed as local Sake having its own unique characteristics.

becomes delicious when the complicated harmony of sweetness, acidity, dryness, bitterness and astringency are well balanced. The rich and mellow aroma that comes from rice fermentation is also savoury. Each Sake has its own unique taste and flavour, which shows a glimpse of breweries' commitment and ingenuity.

*Koji is made by growing and fermenting steamed rice that has had koji mold (Aspergillus oryzae)cultivated onto it.

Enjoy various tastes of Sake with a wine-like richness and aroma!

Sake brewed with time and effort has diversified tastes and aromas depending on the brands, breweries, types of rice and polishing ratio. Another attraction is that Sake shows totally different expressions depending on the temperature, from cold Sake to hot Sake.

Just like wine, you can enjoy a pairing with cuisine: crisp and dry Sake for light fish dishes and rich types like Junmai Ginjo for heavy meat dishes. Try various types of Sake and find your favourite ones.