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  • Iwate Furusato Hitomebore

    Iwate Furusato Hitomebore
    It is highly valued not only for its taste, but also for its safety and environmental friendliness. One example is its recycling-oriented production approach. At JA Iwate, cow manure (organic) in the production of its specialty, Maesawa Beef, is used as rice fertilizer. (And, of course, rice straw is used as cattle food.)
    This glossy rice features moderate stickiness and lightness on the palate.
  • Iwate Akitakomachi

    Iwate Akitakomachi
    In Iwate Prefecture, the temperature difference within a day is widest during the grain-filling period (a period when a seed grows and accumulates carbohydrates and protein), which is from early August to late September. Just like us, rice find sweltering nights hard. With enough of a temperature difference, rice can rest well at night after getting enough sunlight during the daytime, making good rice with a high starch content.
    The feature of this rice is moderate stickiness. It does not stick too much so it is suited for sushi and many other Japanese dishes.
  • Hokkaido Yumepirika

    Hokkaido Yumepirika
    Yumepirika is grown in Hokkaido which is northest part of Japan. It has moderate stickness and softness. Each puffy kernel of freshly-cooked rice has a glossy shine and luster. It tastes good even after cold.
  • Kitoku Niigata
    Koshihikari Musenmai

    Kitoku Niigata Koshihikari Musenmai
    Niigata is one of the largest rice producing prefectures in Japan. The mineral-rich snowmelt gives the fine taste to the rice. The climate of this region—long sunlight hours and light rainfall in the summer—intensifies the growth of rice and promotes the growth of a tasty rice.

※ Some countries and territories do not allow rice to be brought in from overseas, or they may require an export inspection be performed at a plant quarantine station. Please check the export conditions table provided below (English).